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Vortrag: Polymorphismus und seine Bedeutung in der Anwendung
Heidelberg and NexPress: Frontend for digital color printing machines
I'm employed as software engineer at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Buisiness Unit Prepress in Kiel. In cooperation with NexPress we are developing the front end software for their digital color printing machine.
Topics I currently concentrate on: CORBA, Python, UML, Design Patterns

Verifix and VerComp: Verified Compilers and their correct implementation
Verifix is a compiler verification basic research joint project of the Universities Karlsruhe, Kiel and Ulm. Its aim is to develop techniques to prove the correctness of compilers for realistic programming languages and on real hardware. This covers verification of compiling specifications and of their implementation in high level implementation language. For the verification of the actual implementation in binary machine code the technique of Bootstrapping and Doublechecking the result was developed whithin the project VerComp by our reasearch group at Kiel University. This is based on Rigorous Syntactical Code Inspection and is topic of my PhD thesis.

APPLY: A Practical and Portable Lisp Ymplementation
From 1991 to 1994 our group at Kiel Universtiy developed CLiCC, a Common Lisp to C Compiler.

FORTH: Living in the ANS-Forth age!

Dr. Ulrich Hoffmann
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